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R&D Solutions for mRNA delivery platform and for antibody drug conjugate technology acquired by Debiopharm were crafted by the founder of NextGenRnD. In this video (02:47–03:44), CEO of Debiopharm, Dr. Bertrand Ducrey, talks about the impact of mRNA delivery platform R&D Solution.

Technology Readiness Level scale, TRL-scale, is an industrially applied concept that outlines the R&D steps required to progress from Basic Research to Applied Research and ultimately to Experimental Development. Basic Research maps to TRLs 1-2, Applied Research maps to TRLs 3-5, and Experimental Development starts at TRL 6.

Ready-made Solutions created by NextGenRnD contain a transition from Basic Research to Applied Research, the transition from TRL 2 to TRL 3. Our ready-made solutions are switches enabling Basic Research to Applied Research transition.

NextGenRnD ready-made Solution is:

+ formulated technology concept corresponding to at least TRL 2.

+ research proposal with: (1) detailed experimental design and approach to solve the specified R&D problem; (2) limitations and experimental plan to address them; and (3) freedom to operate analysis. These characteristics make the seamless transition to TRL 3 highly likely.

+ novel and based on experimental evidence but not yet reduced to practice;

+ interdisciplinary addressing the problem emerged, emerging, or re-emerging at the intersection of Life Sciences and at least one of the following: Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Design, Food, Agriculture, Animal Health, or Human Health.

Discover NextGenRnD ready-made Solutions

Solution      Fee    Labels
Airway smooth muscle spheroid contraction sensor platform      10000    Human Health, Microtissue, Microfluidics, Microscopy, High-Throughput Screening, Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Design, Engineering
Coming soonThe Guide to the Programme for Applied Research, aka The RUP, Rounds I–V (Rakendusuuringute programm, voorud I–V)      409    Analysis report, Programme of Applied Research, The RUP, Rounds I–V, Rakendusuuringute programm, voorud I–V
Longitudinal detection and quantification of intrathecally-injected antisense oligonucleotides in brain using intravenously delivered probe       ASO detection and quantification in CNS, Design, Engineering, Chemical Biology, Human Health
Next generation muscle targeting platform       Antibody Engineering, Phage Display, Targeting Moiety Minimization, Rational Design, Disease Model, Human Health
Novel quantitative, robust and high-throughput assay for monitoring tau protein aggregation       Protein Engineering, Biophysics, High-Throughput Screening, Alzheimer's Disease, Tauopathies, Human Health
Novel drug targets for tuberculosis therapy       Human Health, Animal Health, Microbiology, Evolutionary Biology, Systems Biology
Gene therapy targeting platform       Molecular Virology, Gene Therapy, Antibody Engineering, Nanoparticle Targeting, Human Health
Next Generation Controlled Release Fertilizer (NextGenCRF)       Controlled Release Fertilizer, Biodegradable, Engineering
Universal Pipeline for the Extraction of Nucleic Acids, Polysaccharides, and Proteins from Spent Microbial Biomass       Fermentation waste, Spent Microbial Biomass, Valorization, Extraction, Nucleic Acids, Proteins, Polysaccharides, Process Engineering, Aquaculture Health, Animal Health, Human Health
RNA Interference Aided Long-Term Culture of Dirofilaria immitis Third Stage Larvae       Dog, Heartworm, Dirofilaria immitis, L3 stage, Culturing, Prevention and Control, Rational Design, One Health
Lawsonia intracellularis propagation – a large-scale intracellular pathogen cultivation model       Swine, Lawsonia intracellularis, Cultivation, Attenuation, Vaccine, Enteropathy/Ileitis, Prevention and Control, Rational Design, One Health
Systemic therapeutic peptide delivery via gastrointestinal tract       Protein Engineering, Gastrointestinal-to-Systemic Delivery, Rational Design, Human Health
Galvanized virus – determine the lipid composition of every virion in a virus sample population       Galvanized Virus, Design, Engineering
Protection of thermally sensitive proteins added to poultry and swine feed       Animal Feed, Swine, Poultry, Fluidized bed spraying, Encapsulation, Release, One Health
Rapid internalizing antibody identification platform       Phage display, Virology, Cell biology, Design, Engineering

What our customers say about our solutions

Thank you for your proposal which has been selected as the best one. The solution proposed will cover and is compatible with all small antibody formats defined in the Challenge with no anticipated impact on the antigen-binding site.

  • Search & Evaluation and Scientific Innovation Department; Company size: 420+ employees; Headquarters: Switzerland

The solution is very effective under laboratory conditions.

  • R&D Department; Company size: 5000+ employees; Headquarters: USA

We were impressed by the description of the in vitro model and the level of detail provided, including the research plan as well as the underlying expertise.

  • Discovery Research Department; Company size: 50000+ employees; Headquarters: EU

The solution was detailed in the process, modeling and principles of attenuation.

  • External Research and Innovation Department; Company size: 30000+ employees; Headquarters: USA

The solution is very complete and innovative.

  • R&D Department; Company size: 20000+ employees; Headquarters: EU

The solution was extremely detailed and well planned.