Coming soonThe Guide to the Programme for Applied Research, aka The RUP, Rounds I–V (Rakendusuuringute programm, voorud I–V)

NextGenRnD® Solution No. 6

Programme for applied research (Rakendusuuringute programm or The RUP) is the unique hybrid of Eurostars and EIC Accelerator as it enables small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprises, registered in the Estonian business registry, to get access to public funding for their technology readiness level(TRL) 3 – 7 research and development (R&D) projects. Thus, The RUP fully includes the Eurostars and overlaps the earlier stages of EIC Accelerator hence providing the most value to the enterprises.

Here, we provide the analysis of 105 projects granted in Rounds I–V by The RUP – the programme driven by the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency (EASi ja KredExi ühendasutus). Moreover, we boost these RUP projects further by providing patent search results and a practical manual on how to exploit them.

In this analysis report, we provide answers to the following


  1. What are the clusters and topics of funding?
  2. What is the average funding secured by the companies for every cluster and topic?
  3. Which enterprises form these clusters and topics?
  4. Which enterprises were funded multiple times?
  5. What are the funding trends through the Rounds of The RUP?
  6. What is the dynamics of total available funding?
  7. How has the success rate changed through the rounds of RUP funding?
  8. What are the profiles of enterprises funded in each of the five rounds by The RUP?
  9. What are the companies that got the funding (the dots on the graph), the amount of project-specific funding, the duration of project-specific funding (only for Rounds I–IV), the names of projects, and the abstracts of the projects (only for Rounds I–IV)?
  10. What are ...

Report Questions and Answers

  1. Who should read this report?
  2. The information and the analysis presented in the report can be of value if you are hesitating whether a company like yours (spin-off, micro-enterprise, SME, large enterprise, etc.) has chances of getting the RUP grant. Or you might be thinking about creating a RUP grant proposal (enterprises or consultancies helping the enterprises) and wondering which topics had been funded in the past. Alternatively, you (enterprises) might be interested in what your competitors are doing. Or you might be an investor seeking for great SMEs or spin-offs – there are at least 84 candidates for now and at least 105 funded ideas with a commitment. Or you just have a genuine interest about The RUP (project(s) grant manager, grant writer, analyst, funding agency, fund, etc.).

  3. What is in the report?
  4. This report consists of carefully vetted information and analysis performed by NextGenRnD. The report is richly illustrated with original graphics, tables, and other visuals. If you do not have time for reading, then just look at the graphics in the report — they say a picture is worth a thousand words. There are plenty of pictures in the report.

  5. Who performed the analysis?
  6. The analysis was performed by NextGenRnD. Within the constellation of 105 dots plotted on the graph, there is one special dot (representing 2% of total RUP-granted funding) that appeared thanks to the efforts of craftsmen associated with NextGenRnD.

  7. What are the terms of the license?
  8. You can use this report (the Solution) for personal or commercial purposes (including copying, modifying, and creation of derivative works), but you are not allowed to sub-license, transfer, market, lease, publish, sell, resell, or distribute the purchased report or part(s) of it, including its versions translated into other languages.

  9. Can you provide more information about the report?
  10. Here is some vital information
    Published: May, 2024
    Number of pages: XX
    File size (MB): X.X
    Quality: High-resolution PDF file

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