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We specialize in solving research & development problems encountered by biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, research laboratories and universities, non-profits and other organizations. Solutions created by NextGenRnD are applicable to problems emerged, emerging, or re-emerging at the intersection of Life Sciences and at least one of the following: Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Design, Food, Agriculture, Animal Health, or Human Health.

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We deliver ready-made and custom-built research and development (R&D) solutions. Our solutions can help challenge, strengthen, and inspire you and your team struggling with R&D challenge. Do you think about strengthening your R&D project proposal and increasing your chances for success? NextGenRnD can become your partner to accelerate this process.

Protection of thermally sensitive proteins added to poultry and swine feed

Animal Feed Swine Poultry Fluidized bed spraying Encapsulation Release One Health

Rapid internalizing cell surface target binder identification platform

Phage display Virology Cell biology Design Engineering

Gene therapy targeting platform

Molecular Virology Gene Therapy Antibody Engineering Nanoparticle Targeting Human Health

Novel drug targets for tuberculosis therapy

Human Health Animal Health Microbiology Evolutionary Biology Systems Biology

Muscle targeting platform

Antibody Engineering Phage Display Targeting Moiety Minimization Rational Design Disease Model Human Health

Galvanized virus – determine the lipid composition of every virion in a virus sample population

Galvanized Virus Design Engineering

Novel quantitative, robust and high-throughput assay for monitoring tau protein aggregation

Protein Engineering Biophysics High-Throughput Screening Alzheimer's Disease Tauopathies Human Health

Airway smooth muscle spheroid contraction sensor platform

Human Health Microtissue Microfluidics Microscopy High-Throughput Screening Molecular Biology Chemistry Physics Mathematics Design Engineering

Systemic therapeutic peptide delivery via gastrointestinal tract

Protein Engineering Gastrointestinal-to-Systemic Delivery Rational Design Human Health

RNA Interference Aided Long-Term Culture of Dirofilaria immitis Third Stage Larvae

Dog Heartworm Dirofilaria immitis L3 stage Culturing Prevention and Control Rational Design One Health

Longitudinal detection and quantification of intrathecally-injected antisense oligonucleotides in brain using intravenously delivered probe

ASO detection and quantification in CNS Design Engineering Chemical Biology Human Health

Lawsonia intracellularis propagation – a large-scale intracellular pathogen cultivation model

Swine Lawsonia intracellularis Cultivation Attenuation Vaccine Enteropathy/Ileitis Prevention and Control Rational Design One Health

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Biotechnology Life Sciences Chemistry Physics Engineering Design Food Agriculture Animal Health Human Health