What is ready-made NextGenRnD Solution?

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R&D covers three types of activity: Basic Research, Applied Research, and Experimental Development. The Basic Research is aimed at the acquisition of new knowledge without any practical application in mind. The Applied Research is directed at gaining new knowledge that can be practically applied to achieve a specific objective. The Experimental Development generates new knowledge, new products and processes or improves them. We discussed Technology Readiness Level (TRL)-scale in one of our previous posts. So, we now can map the three types of R&D activity to the TRL-scale. Basic Research maps to TRLs 1-2, Applied Research maps to TRLs 3-5, and Experimental Development starts at TRL 6.

Ready-made Solutions created by NextGenRnD contain a transition from Basic Research to Applied Research, the transition from TRL 2 to TRL 3. Our ready-made solutions are switches enabling Basic Research to Applied Research transition.

NextGenRnD ready-made Solution is:

+ the formulated technology concept corresponding to at least TRL 2.

+ the research proposal with: (1) detailed experimental design and approach to solve the specified R&D problem; (2) limitations and experimental plan to address them; and (3) freedom to operate analysis. These characteristics make the seamless transition to TRL 3 highly likely.

+ novel and based on experimental evidence but not yet reduced to practice;

+ interdisciplinary addressing the problem emerged, emerging, or re-emerging at the intersection of Life Sciences and at least one of the following: Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Design, Food, Agriculture, Animal Health, or Human Health.

+ available instantly as PDF download.