What is TRL scale and how ready-made NextGenRnD Solutions map to it?

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Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale is an industrially applied concept that outlines different R&D steps, which support the innovation and industrialization process of technologies to transform ideas to the market. Check the TRL scale below to understand what NextGenRnD has on offer.

R&D steps      TRLs    Descriptions
Tech qualified through successful operations – Proof of Performance         9    Technology has proven successful in its mission operations (full commercial application)
Tech completed through test and demo         8    Technology completed and qualified through test and demonstration (first of the kind commercial system)
Prototype demo in operational environment         7    Integration and demonstration of industrial prototype system in the operational environment (demonstration system)
Prototype demo in relevant environment – Proof of Principle         6    Prototype system scale-up and demonstration of commercial-scale system in the intended environment
Tech validation in relevant environment         5    Testing and validation of discrete technology components' combination in the intended environment – synergy of technology components (prototype)
Tech validation in lab environment         4    Identification and validation of discrete technology components in the laboratory environment
Analytical & experimental Proof of Concept         3    Critical function of technology/application demonstrated through experimentation NextGenRnD ready-made Solution
Tech concept/application formulated         2    Technology concept/application development NextGenRnD ready-made Solution
Basic principles observed         1    Basic principles observed or postulated, no experimental proof or detailed analysis yet exists