2019 Coronavirus Investigation Report

NextGenRnD® Solution No. 7

This is NextGenRnD’s investigation report on the articles responsible for the current understanding and actions related to 2019 novel coronavirus, 2019-nCoV (also known as SARS-CoV-2, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2).

In this investigation report, we will use SCIENCE and METHOD to address the following questions:


  1. Why Covid-19 case fatality rates differ among different countries?
  2. Which Covid-19 test should you take?
  3. Is/Was pandemic lockdown justified?
  4. Is upcoming mass vaccination against 2019-nCoV justified?
  5. Why 2019-nCoV infects lung and heart tissue?


  1. During the first months of 2020, thousands of biomedical articles on 2019-nCoV were published. These articles contain numerous experimental facts, a priori judgements, and postulates.

  2. Isolation of 2019-nCoV from patients with pneumonia is an instance of experimental fact. An example of a synthetic a priori judgement is that prolonged social distancing will be required to prevent exceeding capacities of intensive-care units. A postulate, for instance, is that 2019-nCoV has a zoonotic origin (can be transmitted to humans from animals).

  3. In this investigation report, we will mostly deal with experimental facts originating from 2019-nCoV articles. We will investigate the validity and the meaning of these facts.


  1. Our selection of facts, originating from 2019-nCoV articles, was guided by Google Scholar citation ratings. Citation ratings of articles highlight the facts that have been well accepted by scientific community.

  2. As articles accumulate citations, the facts originating from them are repeated again and again. At some point, nobody questions and/or doubts these facts.

  3. Here, we bring these 2019-nCoV facts together and create their hierarchy, a classification. We use our knowledge, experience, intuition and Google Scholar to add some more facts to the hierarchy to make several discoveries. Then, we use logic to reach conclusions.

Report Questions and Answers

  1. Who should read this report?
  2. Anyone interested in understanding coronavirus pandemic and/or involved in decision-making processes related to the current situation. This includes policy makers (is pandemic lockdown justified?), politicians (is mass vaccination required?), public and private funding bodies (which projects should we fund?), investors (should we invest into Covid-19 companies?), health professionals (which tissues are infected by virus and how this might influence symptoms?), researchers (why the mortality rates are so strikingly different? which vaccine do we actually need? which articles to retract? why the virus might infect lungs, heart, ...), vaccine developers (are you developing the right vaccine?), experts (what are the consequences of our findings? what is the rationale behind various organizations' Covid-19 responses? virus origin?), business owners (can you continue doing business as usual?), and other members of the public (what is happening? which test to take? can we continue our lives as normal?).

  3. What is the level of difficulty of this report?
  4. This report is about technical details and the global consequences that these details triggered. Almost every technical detail is explained in this report. The report is richly illustrated with original graphics and drawings, schemes, tables, and other visuals. The hyperlinks to articles and resources are provided (just click on the circled digits within the report). Therefore, the report should be accessible to a wide audience.

  5. Who performed the investigation?
  6. The 2019 Coronavirus Investigation was performed by NextGenRnD. Our people have been crafting and licensing award-winning innovative solutions to multidisciplinary problems since 2016 (vaccines, gene therapy, human disease models, etc.).

  7. What are the terms of the license?
  8. You can use this report (the Solution) for personal or commercial purposes (including copying, modifying, and creation of derivative works), but you are not allowed to sub-license, transfer, market, lease, publish, sell, resell, or distribute the purchased report or part(s) of it, including its versions translated into other languages.

  9. Can you provide more information about the report?
  10. Here is some vital information
    Published: August, 2020
    Number of pages: 29
    File size (MB): 4.8
    Quality: High-resolution PDF file (sample pages 2 and 12 are low-resolution for faster web page loading times)

Are you tired of sensational titles based on a single article about the breakthrough Covid-19 treatment, vaccine, or novel ground-breaking fact the researchers are reporting? We have analyzed the most influential Covid-19 articles to find out that half of them should be retracted if more information is not provided by the authors. Can pharma/biotech companies develop efficient, safe vaccine and deliver it soon? Are they developing the vaccine we actually need? We show you the facts, evaluate their validity and meaning so that you can develop a more informed opinion about the issue. What have researchers overlooked? It appears that many things.

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