Covid-19 patient diary, part 3: Clinic of internal medicine

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Next stop — Covid-19 Unit in the Clinic of Internal Medicine at the same Hospital. Getting my pajamas and setting up for oxygen mask with low-flow oxygen supply set at 6 liters per minute in a single bed hospital room. Then the doctor — the internal medicine physician also called internist or the “doctors’ doctor”, because often they serve as consultants to other physicians to solve difficult diagnostic cases — came and we had a talk. I found out that my treatment plan was similar to the treatment plan of the first case of 2019 novel coronavirus in the United States. However, the essential difference was dexamethasone addition, no requirement for antipyretics (see below), and no intravenous saline infusion. I was exceedingly satisfied with my treatment plan — it was excellent. The antibiotic was discontinued immediately due to viral nature of the pneumonia.

My first 200 mg remdesivir loading dose infusion was performed by the nurse the very same day, 29th of March, at 18:00 in Covid-19 Unit hospital room. My fever was 39.2°C/102.6°F in the evening, but 1 gram of paracetamol infused and a tablet of dexketoprofen reduced it by 1.5°C — this was the maximum reduction for the past seven days, as I could only achieve 1.0°C reduction at home before antipyretics stopped working.

Next day, 30th of March, morning 6 mg of dexamethasone dose (tablets) and evening 100 mg remdesivir infusion — no need to lower the fever anymore! The fever now was kept at bay without antipyretics. The add-ons for therapy were the codeine-containing anti-cough medicine, vitamin D, anticoagulant (enoxaparin, low-molecular-weight heparin) subcutaneous injection given before remdesivir infusion, a medicine protecting stomach (pantoprazol), and anti-diarrhea medicine. I got a visit from physiotherapist, who gave me the list of exercises to increase my stamina and blood oxygen saturation. It was of much help as during my bed-bound condition my muscles got weaker than I expected. From the first sight the exercises were simple, but I overestimated myself in the beginning.

To be continued ...