Covid-19 patient diary, part 1: Bed-bound sick individual

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I am a healthy man, 39 years old, without any chronic disease. The claim regarding my health, however, was valid right until 22nd of March, 2021. On 22nd of March I started having a fever (temperature 38.0°C/100.4°F), called my family physician and we thought that it would be a good idea for me to get tested for SARS-CoV-2. The result of my real-time reverse transcription polymerisation chain reaction (RT-PCR) test was positive and I learned about that the next day.

Initially, I had no cough, no runny nose just fever, which made me bed-bound sick individual. Getting up was extremely difficult. I had degrading muscle and joints pain. During the first three days, I somehow managed to perform my work duties during the day, but during the night I started to have cough attacks. My cough worsened and I eventually developed febrile respiratory illness (FRI). My fever went up: 23rd of March (39.3°C/102.7°F), 24th (39.6°C/103.3°F), 25th (40.3°C/104.5°F), 26th (41.6°C/106.9°F). I tried to control fever with antipyretics (paracetamol, also known as acetaminophen), but it was futile. The reduction of fever was very modest — at best my body temperature decreased by 1°C (e.g., 39.3°C/102.7°F → 38.3°C/100.9°F, 39.6°C/103.3°F → 38.6°C/101.5°F, etc.). On the 26th of March I started to experience yet another “pleasant” side effect — diarrhea.

On the 27th of March, I called the ambulance. They came, measured my blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), which was 96%. Everything pointed to a typical community-acquired pneumonia, so the paramedics suggested taking antibiotics and left. I texted my family physician, then She called back to ask about how I feel and prescribed amoxicillin and clavulanate, which I started taking the same day (two doses per day).

To be continued ...